Pop Quiz #2

POP QUIZ (May 14, 2013)

According to Gerald Else, the origin of theatre (Athenian tragedy specifically), began when:

A)  Some guy, perhaps named Thespis, just decided to be an actor one day.

B)  Roman players arrived in Greece with the invading legions during the First Peloponnesian War.

C)  Sophisticated forms of trade and commerce developed between Athens and the newly formed Byzantine Empire following the Peace of Nicia.

D)  Ritualized recreations of animals, ancient heroes, and myths became regularly offered as part of the celebration of religious cults during newly established festivals under the tyrant Peisistratos.


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2 Responses to Pop Quiz #2

  1. Amy E. Stoch says:

    The answer is A. Some guy named Thespis (maybe, because many believe he was an Urban Legend) decided to take a creative leap out of the chorus and become a star. Of course, the other choristers thought Thespis was a prick and secretly berated themselves for not thinking of it first. Thus, stage envy was born.

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